I’m Kirby. A 17-year old college student.

To be honest, I am afraid to write anything about something. When my teacher would give us a writing activity, I would definitely feel worried about how am I going to start my work, how would I use the language effectively, how would I make my paragraphs longer, how would I end my work, how would I draw a conclusion, I am even afraid of doing a review of my work because I feel that if I do, I’ll just be upset.

However, no matter how I see writing, I really am pleased of the results of my works. All of them are good (according to my teachers). Perhaps, I have faced my fear so many that it brought lots of good results, but until now I have hesitations to write.

This time, I will take the challenge to be a blogger.

My teacher, told me that I should write a blog because I am, according to her, a prolific writer – I really don’t know HAHAHAHA. A friend of mine also encouraged me to be an online writer in such a way that this will help me improve my skills and I would be able to express my thought in a very awesome way.

Miss Rachy and Charm, thank you so much for the influence. I admire you for being really good writers. I promise that I will do my very best to be as good as you. You’re who inspired me to do this.

This is my first personal blog which is dedicated to the two of you. Thank you. I’m so happy!

I hope that I will have new friends that can also be my mentor in blogging.