The fact is undeniable that Filipino people are devotedly spiritual individuals. And as a scrupulously and conscientiously faithful, i do believe that marriage is so sacred that no one can separate a couple joined by God through Holy Matrimony. However, the sanctity of marriage will turn into godlessness if the person being married (I pertain firmly to women, I speak hear as a feminist) receives unwanted forms of violence and abuse from her partner. The real essence of wedlock cannot maintain itself because there is no evident presence of love between the couple anymore. They are occupied by anger, jealousy, infidelity, outrageous acts, and other detrimental factors that will bring destruction of their holy relationship. With that,  the united identity they have is strongly debilitated and unable to restore the authenticity of the spirit of love – which they promised to maintain and safeguard during the exchange of their vows. Thus, I am for the Divorce Bill here in the Philippines. Although as a Catholic, deviation of the Divine Law is seen as a great sin, but I do believe that in times of moral crises, there is no sin greater that inaction.

I grew up with a caring mother by my side. Always guiding me and giving pieces of her wisdom, which a mother should do, for me to become a good person. I have always cared for my mom and I cannot afford to see a woman crying out because she was recklessly beaten by her husband. Under those bludgeoning, my heart is as if joining the pain of a mother or a wife.

Divorce will render women the freedom from the abusive and outrageous marriage.


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