Your inner self is reluctant and afraid when you have doubts, when you are tormented by the dark shadows of your past, when there are things putting you in turmoil, when you are in the central question of your personality – Who am I? All these matters. You need to be situated and feel confident that you have found your space – the space that you’ve longed for a time, inner peace. Peace of the inner self must be achieved. Pity is the person who helps someone acquire peace but is not able to find his. Like discovery that brings betterment, we need to find ourselves in the name of happiness. It enlightens you, clears all your worries, replaces negativity with positivity, and answers all the questions that keep on pounding the inner of yours.

Seek and you shall find. Find the answers that will lead you to rediscover yourself. To have these, you should be brave and courageous enough. These things would help you embark and venture the truth about yourself. For truth causes pain, but pain brings a wonderful promise – transition from the weak to unwavering aura of strong and better person. Free will demands great immense responsibility, learn to stand with it.

However, the endeavor is not ended by just chasing for the answers, but by change. The inner carnality that you are used to – the person you have known before – will rebuild itself and improve its foundation. It is the only way to grow and move forward. If you have brought change, entomb the memories of the past. For they have tormented the present. They are not worthy of remembering. And all that are not worthy do not really matter, what matters most is the new beginning, the new ‘YOU’ you choose to be right now.

Paulo Coelho once wrote, “…we’re always thinking about what we did, about how we could have done it better, about the consequences of our actions, and why we didn’t act as we should.” We must free ourselves from these thoughts. We should stop contemplating of the phrase ‘I could have’. Leave the shadows of our choices, the things that blur our focus on the present. Let us embrace the ‘What is’,and resist asking ‘What if’s’. Because if we do, we shall obtain absolute happiness. And find inner peace.

We should not blame anybody for our unhappiness, for to do so is immaturity. The course of our journey lies in every one of us. We hold the decision. The decision to pursue what we really wanted, to find the truth, to go beyond the walls of fear, to find light, and to create more light. For gruesome is life of a person without peace. His life is as if an unsteady stormy flow of a stream; it ruins the wonder in it – the beauty of life.   The truth has been disclosed to us, overlays the dark corner of our personality. Now, it’s a matter of choice whether to stay and content yourself to what is unsatisfactory or to act and move toward happiness and peace.