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June 2016



To Breathe Water…

To Breathe Water…


To breathe water. It was Monday. The shiny sun of December glares on the fields, peering vigorously and forcibly through the tiny holes of the windows. The cold breeze of morning zephyr touches my skin as it aims to touch others too. Unaware of anything, I just neglected the idea that it was already bright outside my partially dimmed paradise. And I turned to the other side of the bed. But, as if it’s eager to be noticed, a sudden rush of realization hits me; I have to get up. Get up!


It was already half past seven. I jumped out of bed. I drank milk. I bathe. And packed up all things – all in a swift instance. I rode a cab on a bumpy and rocky road. Then I arrived at a beautiful scenery. I jumped on my feet. Before my exhausted body, a place where the horizon manifests the world’s grandeur; the azure skies cover the azure waters of earth, birds were flying – carried by the soft blow of wind above. All that depicted the countless possibilities of my life.


The afternoon sun shone its hot and excruciating rays – a sign that I have to enter the cottage. Inside were my friends in a bunch of happiness and excitement. I arrived at few minutes before twelve. At that point, we all conformed to take our lunch. After the meal, we subsequently went to the end of the cottages. A platform made of bamboos. As we inched closer, I can feel myself shudder a little because of much excitement. We descended from the bamboo floors to another floor connecting the sea water and the cottages.


With much excitement, I jumped into the enticing waters, without any hint of where I let my body fell. I swam through its relaxing touches. It as if healed my frustrations and repugnance. In a while, I felt my body in need of oxygen, so I went up. But, in my attempt to touch the seabed with my feet, it was gone. With much fright, I fetched enough air to sustain a single second down to dark panicking waters. The water seemed to be an intruder, desperately trying to breach my body. It entered my nose. I needed oxygen. I propelled myself up again and fetched again the element of life. As I did it, I beheld my friends’ faces were, though vague, distorted and alarmed by the situation. Before the monstrous sea swallowed me again, I made myself screamed for help. At that very point, I lost all the energy and eagerness to propel up again. It was dark – totally dark.


That day, the water of life revealed its wicked, perilous, and dreadful side, I thought. As if I jumped, that day, into the dark abyss of my demise. I had sensed the darkest entirety of water and it was really horrible. All of a sudden, I closed my eyes – unconscious.


To breathe water instead of air was macabre experience.

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